Earth and Space Science Curriculum


Recently, New Zealand’s Earth and Space curriculum has been designed for students to select as a secondary science subject. Various science teachers have contributed to recent Earth and Space Science textbooks that have been published in 2015. The following content is taught as a senior science subject:

Level 2 NCEA Achievement Standards

Achievement Standard 91187
2.1 Carry out a practical Earth and Space Science investigation

Achievement Standard 91188
2.2 Examine an Earth and Space issue and the validity of the information communicated to the public.

Achievement Standard 91189
2.3 Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality

Achievement Standard 91190
2.4 Investigate how organisms survive in an extreme environment

Achievement Standard 91191
2.5 Demonstrate understanding of the causes of extreme Earth events in New Zealand

Achievement Standard 91192
2.6 Demonstrate understanding of stars and planetary systems

Achievement Standard 91193
2.7 Demonstrate understanding of physical principles related to the Earth System

Level 3 NCEA Achievement Standards

Achievement Standard 91410
3.1 Carry out an independent practical Earth and Space Science investigation

Achievement Standard 91411
3.2 Investigate a socio-scientific issue in an Earth and Space Science context

Achievement Standard 91412
3.3 Investigate the evidence related to dating geological event(s)

Achievement Standard 91413
3.4 Demonstrate understanding of processes in the ocean system

Achievement Standard 91414
3.5 Demonstrate understanding of processes in the atmosphere system

Achievement Standard 91415
3.6 Investigate an aspect of astronomy